MSI Wind U90 reviewed- not so good


Msi_wind_x90_0474g_2The MSI Wind with the 10-inch screen is one of the top netbooks to beat so when MSI released the U90, the 8.9-inch brother it sounded pretty good.  Laptop Magazine has reviewed the U90 and basically say MSI screwed up a good thing.  The U90 uses the same chassis that the 10-inch Wind uses, they merely shrunk the screen to an 8.9-inch one.  That is goofy to me but hey, I’m just a gadget freak guy.  The real crime apparently is that MSI went with SUSE Linux that lacks drivers for all the hardware in the U90, and that’s just bad business.  Head over and check out the review to see for yourself what Laptop thinks about the U90.



Putting SUSE on a laptop is just bad business. I hope HP also learned from their mistake and will not install SUSE on the next Mini-Note.


for the Wind to be 1 of the most expensive netbooks on the market, MSI sure does cheap out alot. 1st with the touchpad being downgraded to Sentellic, to the 6-cell battery being reduced to 4400mah, & now putting a 8.9″ version out there.

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