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Apple TV 2.2 Wish Lists = Fail

Yesterday, Apple released both an iTunes (8.0.1) and Apple TV (2.2) update. The Apple TV update has some great new features:

  • Support for the Genius
  • Support for HD Television Shows
  • Numerous bug fixes

One unmentioned feature change is how Apple TV now handles Wish Lists. In the previous release (2.1), you could click through to the movie you wanted to rent/buy/wish and with one click of the remote, be in the bliss of watching your movie or highly anticipating its eventual release.

Now, with the 2.2 software, the Wish List button has been replaced with anĀ EllipsisĀ button. The button takes you to a new screen whereby you can see more detailed information about the movie and then select whether you want to add it to your Wish List or not.

What stinks about this is that a formerly discoverable feature that was really easy to use is now buried in another screen. If Apple wanted to provide more information about the movie, they could have added a button to do so and still left the Wish List button alone.

Instead, the users of Apple TV now have to click twice to Wish List their movies. Maybe in the next Apple TV release (2.x), Apple will get it right and move the Wish List functionality back to a single click.

Has the Apple TV 2.2 update made other changes that you’ve noticed?

4 Responses to “Apple TV 2.2 Wish Lists = Fail”

  1. I just upgraded my ATV to 2.1 last week, and spent the rest of the day building a new patchstick, installing ssh, perian, nitoTV, XBMC, etc …

    I won’t be upgrading until I know I can still play movies without filtering them through iTunes first.

    What I would like to see from Apple is a device that lets you store all this digital media that we are all collecting. A central repository for my whole family to use and share. Something I can use to load my iPod’s with, load/stream to my ATV, and load/stream to my iMac/Macbook/iPhone/iTouch, etc …

  2. Good grief. I’ll get you some Kleenex if you feel like weeping about this. Sad. There is so much more to life than majoring on trivia. Very sad. Who do your readers gripe at for coming to an article in good faith and finding empty purposeless drivel?