Acer Aspire One becomes DIY slate UMPC


2907869738_a683e47687Even non-fans of netbooks have to agree: these little notebooks are becoming more hackalicious by the day. Take the above homebrew UMPC for example. The creator cobbled this together with an Acer Aspire One and a touchscreen kit for a small but usuable slatebook. It looks like the touch display is grafted right into the AAO’s cover so you can access it from the outside. A version of Ubuntu completes the device, which might actually be the first Intel Atom-based slate UMPC I’ve ever seen.I don’t see a mass market for a device in this form factor as demand seems to be non-existent declining these days, but hey: if there isn’t a product that you like out there and you’ve got the know-how, make it yourself! For more visuals of the FrankenUMPC bits, be sure to check out todoumpc.

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