Mobile Content Bits: AT&T Online; Rok’s Viral GeeSpark; Flickr On iPhone; YouMail Voicemail


*AT&T* launches online store: AT&T (NYSE: T) launched a beta version of its Online Experience Store, which provides cool features such as a new 3-D shopping model, interactive demonstrations and tutorials explaining everything from phones, music, video and Web, messaging and e-mail, Telephony reports. The Web site draws on the in-store experiences that exist at 21 stores, where interactive exhibits give customers hands-on time with AT&T products.

Rok Entertainment launches GeeSpark: *ROK* Entertainment Group, a mobile entertainment company, said it’s close to launching GeeSpark, a worldwide mobile viral messaging service. Similar to services like Twitter, GeeSpark will let users chat, share messages, images and YouTube videos on their mobile phones and forward these to their friends and groups. GeeSpark was developed by Geniem, ROK’s (LSE: ROK) Finland-based mobile services development company and is currently in invitation-only Beta mode. The free service will be advertising supported. Release.

Flickr for iPhone: Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) Flickr has just tweaked its mobile site at for iPhones. Although behind the curve on iPhone-optimized viewing, the results are crisp, streamlined, and satisfying, reports CNet. Some of the features include putting your mobile e-mail-upload address front and center, so you don’t have to dig around to find it, and the comments, contacts, and activities are also have clear top-screen navigation.

YouMail partners with SmartCall: YouMail, which provides consumer voicemail services, said it will now be available via SmartCall, a wireless carrier in Bozeman, Montana. YouMail will enable SmartCall to provide its customers with free cell phone voicemail service at no cost to SmartCall or its customers. SmartCall will launch the services in Q1 2009, including unlimited calls and data as well as advanced voicemail service provided by YouMail.

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