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Martha Stewart, Ludacris, ModelBall: NTV Station Today

There is something incredibly compelling about this segment from Martha Stewart’s talk show, in which Martha and Ludacris learn to make origami boxes. Martha refuses to believe that Ludacris is ADD! Martha admits she likes listening to rap music because it’s “very expressive!” And the pair has a natural chemistry that makes me yearn for future team-ups. Maybe Martha has an opening for a co-host?

Also, Steve Bryant has some strong words to say about the new series Modelball, “the Skinemaxical tale” of models who play softball — find out what doesn’t work about the comedy series at NewTeeVee Station!

2 Responses to “Martha Stewart, Ludacris, ModelBall: NTV Station Today”

  1. Gloria

    Martha has been having a lot of rappers on the show recently. She maybe really does like hip hop. Is there a clip anywhere of her and Snoop making potatoes?