Another Social Network Maker, SocialGo Aims To Nobble Ning


With all the buzz over the last few years about social networking, a niche seems to have opened up amongst vendors pitching to let anyone create their own Facebook or MySpace. Ning and Webjam are already in the space; now SocialGO, a fresh effort out of the UK, is aiming to take them on. SocialGO is being launched for Lara Croft and Tiger Woods DVD game maker Bright Things by Alex Halliday, the merely 22-year-old developer who says he has a team of 11 working on the project.

And the beta is very much a developer’s project, less slick than Ning as yet, though the pitch says it has “an ambition to take on Ning“. What’s the business model? Free to start, with the addition later of a £9.99-a-month premium package offering video chat, 5Gb storage, 50Gb bandwidth and no ads – similar to its bigger counterpart, co-founded by Netscape founder Marc Andressen. Somehow, for a site that only entered open beta yesterday, it already claims 1,000 networks on-site. Same question for SocialGO as to the others – do users really want to sign up to yet another network, or would they rather use the group functions already built in to supersites like Facebook?


Ryan Nagy

Any more to say on SocialGo? I've just started a new Ning website and it is incredibly easy to use. However, I would very much like to have a network where I could have my own in-house advertising and have more control over my data. I don't want my group to be part of a mob.

Thanks – Ryan

Russell H.

I've had a look at them, and quite frankly I was impressed. They seem to have captured many of the finer points of Ning, whilst avoiding those things that are knackered. Also, it seems that there is some form of involvement from those Laboratory Widget makers that raised such attention previously on Ning. There have been numerous posts as of late by that Evil Genius character regarding backup and migration tools. A good omen? Too soon to tell, but I for one will be watching to see what happens!

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