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3 Reasons Why We'll See an Apple Netbook Soon

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The netbooks market is not one that Apple can afford to ignore. Others like HP, Dell and Lenovo have already jumped into the space. But Apple has a far more limited product line than the PC manufacturers, so how can they fit another device in the mix? They can’t, but they will. For three reasons why, head over to jkOnTheRun.

10 Responses to “3 Reasons Why We'll See an Apple Netbook Soon”

  1. I, myself, would not consider the MBA a netbook at all. Look at the size of it – 13.3″. Most if not all of the netbooks that are currently on the market are 8.9″ – 10″ max. And yes, as for that hefty price tag? you could buy 4 netbooks for one MBA!

    I’m currently researching for a marketing assignment at university. I think if Apple releases a netbook correctly (i.e. price, form, wants, needs..) they have a certain chance of gaining a significant segment of the market for netbooks. However, I think the announcement of an Apple netbook hasn’t risen yet is because if Apple were to do so, they were jeapordise MBA sales and it’s release would’ve been pointless.

    Concepts about the Apple iPhone becoming Apple’s netbook are barking up the wrong tree, IMO. Think about it, iPHONE. People don’t want to hold a mini laptop up to their heads to talk. Double the screen size/compact screen? Too technical, the technology isn’t there yet OR it wouldn’t be able to be produced for a desirable price. I say Apple should release a netbook, maybe late 2008, early 2009. That should keep the fanboys happy.

  2. Wouldnt’t it nice to have an iPhone the same size as current one and when opened will have the size of 2 iphone. Why this will be the most desire feature? The current iPhone, everything browsing internet need to zoom in and zoom out. If there is double screen then there is no need to zoom in and zoom out. At the same time, it will fit into the pocket when closing it.

  3. The article doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, it’s pure speculation. Sorry but it looks like link bait… you can do much better than adding noise to apple rumors. There are enough as it is.

  4. Kevin C. Tofel

    Daniel: netbooks are notebooks that are lower-powered and smaller. They range in price from around $300 to $800 although I’d say the average price is around $425. They offer the ability to do just about anything you’d do with a traditional notebook (except for CPU or graphic-intensive activities) but are easier to carry due to their small size and light nature. See a quick overview of four netbooks we looked at here: