StatShot: Top BitTorrented Movies and the Cool 100


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Righteous Kill may not have slayed at the box office, but the DeNiro/Pacino combo was enough to shoot the cop movie to the top of the most downloaded movies on BitTorrent, according to TorrentFreak. Other newcomers include the A&E TV movie The Andromeda Strain and the bawdy comedy College. Superheroes are still holding on strong with Hulk, Iron Man and The Dark Knight still in the top ten.

TorrentFreak’s Top Downloaded Movies on BitTorrent As of September 29, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 new Righteous Kill
2 1 The Incredible Hulk
3 2 Iron Man
4 new The Andromeda Strain
5 new College
6 3 Mirrors
7 7 Get Smart
8 5 You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
9 6 Death Race
10 8 The Dark Knight

Over at Video Breakout’s Cool 100 list, Hulu jumped into the No. 2 slot, but it was TI who made the biggest leap, hopping 45 places to break the top 5. Summer music sensation Katy Perry got a nice bump in traffic while web video stars Smosh made their way on to the list.

Video Breakouts
Cool 100
September 29, 2008
Now Last Weeks Name Views Lifetime
1 1 13 sonybmg 7,862,710 386,098,283
2 9 7 13 huluDotCom 5,874,906 81,731,921
3 16 13 12 CBS 4,744,807 240,496,259
4 15 11 4 KatyPerryMusic 3,554,906 29,581,728
5 25 20 4 fulldizici 3,191,856 9,979,522
6 51 45 5 TIvsTIP 3,130,865 41,300,826
7 29 22 13 FueledByRamen 3,007,411 220,237,345
8 32 24 13 Hard2beatRecords 2,847,439 75,126,461
9 41 32 13 smosh 2,760,954 173,407,003
10 22 12 13 SouljaBoy 2,746,761 233,482,992
Gain   Loss   No Change   New

TorrentFreak data is based on http downloads of .torrent files from various BitTorrent sites. The data is collected by TorrentFreak and is for informational and educational reference only. Currently both DVDrips, DVD Screeners and R5 rips are counted. The “back” designation means that the title was in the list before and has reappeared, possibly in a new format.

The Video Breakouts Cool 100 offers a weekly snapshot of the most viewed Internet video authors and producers. Click any author in the list to see their Author Summary Report. All Video Breakouts lists and statistics are gathered through selective discovery and tracking. Where available, Video Breakouts uses video site APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to retrieve statistics. For sites that do not publish APIs the company analyzes their HTML web pages to discover assets and track statistics.

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