Skype 4.0 hits beta 2 for Windows, better for smaller screens?



Windows folks might want to check in on the second beta for Skype 4.0 which is now available. When we looked at the first beta of 4.0, there was some valid debate on how much screen real estate the new version took. Many of us have moved to smaller-screened devices over the past several years and first beta brought a challenge with it’s larger screen footprint.The Skype team picked up on this feedback from many users and now offers a default “desktop” mode or a smaller, “compact” mode in Skype 4.0. You can quickly switch between views as needed. Also included are more options to resize the various windows such as the user information, video call and chat areas. All in all, sounds like this version might be more friendly to netbooks, UMPCs and small notebooks. Or at least as friendly as the prior version was, which didn’t have a desktop view.


Ricky B.

Has Skype started to offer a “seriously, no spam — honest” setting yet? We have to use Skype for work, and the fact that even setting Skype to auto-deny anyone not on your contact list does nothing. I think this would be more important to fix than fiddling with the interface.

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