Netbooks in Taiwan: low pricing getting lower

MsiwindThere’s no guarantee that the trend will continue, but netbook prices in Taiwan are dropping as the Intel Atom shortage disappears and competition rises. Price drops include:

  • Asus Eee PC 700-series is down to $249
  • Asus expects to reduce the Eee PC 1000 with Linux from $623 to under $530, while the 1000H will drop $31 while the 901 will see a sale price near $468
  • Acer’s Aspire One is down to $483 from $528

The price drops can’t solely be the result of the Intel Atom as even HP with its VIA C7-M-based Mini-note is cutting around $62 from their netbook. Note that all price drops are converted from Taiwan New Dollars to U.S. currency; I’d use these as indicators more than absolute prices. Regardless, I have a feeling that low-priced netbooks are about get a bit lower. Maybe not in the case where devices are in shorter supply, but for the market at large. Could we soon see more devices under that $350 to $400 sweet-spot?


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