HP dv3500 in the flesh


Kevin beat me to posting about the new 13.3-inch HP dv3500 but I recently got to play with one at HP’s offices.  I am impressed with this little entertainment powerhouse and especially the configurability.  Here’s a couple of photos I snapped of the little dv3500:


The dv3500 sports the same case as other models in the dv line and is a really sweet portable device. In the second photo the dv3500 is the one in the front, notice how thin the screen is.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the dv3500 is available with a backlit keyboard, something I think all notebooks should offer, and an LED display option.  I was told by HP that this notebook would be exclusive to Best Buy at first but I see it’s already on the HP store.



is this the thing that HP didn’t let you reveal until now? or is that something else?

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