HP 2730p quick first look


OK, it’s only been out of the box for about two hours, one hour of which was running Vista for the first time and updating it.  Here are some very quick first looks at the device, I can’t give any impressions yet other than it’s fast.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo L9400 @ 1.86 GHz
Memory:  3 GB
OS:  Vista Business SP1
UPDATE:  HDD:  51 GB?  There are three partitions- 32 GB, 9 GB, 10 GB.  I’m wondering if this is an SSD but haven’t tracked it down yet.  It opens files and folders really quickly.  The part number showing in device manager indicates a Toshiba 120GB drive spinning at 5,400 rpm.  If that’s true then over half the drive capacity is not showing in Vista so I’ll have to research this.
Display:  12.1 ", 1280×800
Digitizer:  Active only
Ports:  ExpressCard, 2 USB, SD, Audio in, Audio out, Firewire
Pointers:  trackstick w/ 2 buttons, trackpad w/ 2 buttons

Here are some quick pics to tide you over for a real review and video:

Cimg0863 Cimg0864 Cimg0867

Yes that is a jog wheel for portrait mode.  :)



Gordon Cahill

Jim… My appologies. I didn’t get that you’d been told something directly by HP that turned out not to be true. That certainly is not good practice.



Be sure to check for that calibration problem that lots of us have with the 2710P.

Put the stylus right at the edge of the screen, and move it slowly inwards for a couple of inches, away from the edge. Watch what happens to the insertion point under the stylus tip. On the affected 2710Ps the insertion point can drift away from the stylus tip by about a quarter of an inch, and then drift back again. It’s most noticeable on the right hand side of the screen – in fact right where the scroll bar is in lots of programs.

Gordon Cahill

I understand that James, but I still want it:-)

I have my TX2000 and just love the dual digitiser. And on my Mini-Note I miss the touch screen more than the tablet functions.

And I think they’re wrong.. I see that touch would be very usefull in the enterprise market. It would just take some one to develop some decent software to utilise it. For example sales reps could have a digital order form and have a touch screen pop up to enter quantities or a “fast food” type interface where if you want to order three units they just tap the “product” icon three times with their fingers. As usual it’s a matter of hardware seller and software programers getting together to create a complete package that attracts customers. Something that the tablet space has never done well. Having hardwaere and software vendors working together to maximise the appeal of the tablet platform.


Well let me give you the details that prompted my previous post.

I have no problem with a company announcing a product and it taking time to get to market that is normal and to be expected.

The problem I have is that the folks at HP told me over the phone that the tablet would be available for purchase and immediate shipment no later than 9-30-08.

That said this still looks like an awesome product which I will still buy I just don’t enjoy being told one thing and finding out that it wasn’t true.

James Kendrick

Gordon, HP indicated to me that since this is a business machine they didn’t put touch on it. Their enterprise customers have made it clear they do NOT want touch, see no need for it and will not pay for it.


james – does HP take into account home users who buy business spec because the specs are better and price-performance rato is better than the mass consumer models? this is the best tablet i have read about, except it doesnt do multi input ie touch+pen which is a big point to me

Gordon Cahill

Jim… Are you serious? This, from my experience is normal. For example, Photokina, the worlds largest photo show just closed and the availablility of the major anouncements ranges from two months to 12 months.

Tim.. I have the same machine as you with 4 GB and I get 4.9- processor, 5.7-RAM, 3.3-Graphics, 3.0-Aero and 5.3-HDD. Your lower scores are partly due to the mismatched (non dual channel)ram you’re running.

But I do have to say that the 2730 is pretty quick for a “business machine”. Too bad there’s no touchas well as active.



Can’t wait to get one but as far as I can tell nobody has any to sell.

HP says 2 or 3 weeks re-sellers are saying 10-5 or 10-15 or 10-30 who knows.

Shame on HP for releasing a product and not having it available for sale.


That score made me really take a look at my own laptops score…

I have a HP TX2000 tablet pc with the duo 2.0 ghz, 3 gigs of ram and 250gb HD

My over all score is a 2.4

My processor is faster then the 2730p, yet rates at 4.8

My Ram should be the same, but rates at 5.1

My grafix card sucks at 2.4 for gaming and 3.0 for aero, which is what brings the level so low.

but yet I have a 5.2 for data transfer rate, which is faster then the 2730p..which is odd if in fact the 2730p does sport a SSD..where I just have a normal 2.5 HD with I think is a 5400 rpm…could be a 7200 though I never checked. Still an SSD should be faster.

Not going to complain though my TX2000 has done great in every thing BUT gaming, which is why I have a 360…


thats a pretty slick looking device, the silver finish & KB look excellent. looks like it was built very efficiently & made it about as small as 12″ could be.

what are the dimensions, weight? battery life? is it SSD/HDD (1.8″/2.5″)?

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