How to make a good netbook keyboard- Samsung NC10


My quest for the perfect netbook just got harder with photos of the new Samsung NC10 appearing on a French web site.  Samsung looks like they put a real keyboard with proper key positioning on the NC10 and with the 10.2-inch screen this baby probably offers a nice typing experience.  The NC10 looks like a well-made netbook and it is expected in Europe in October for about $600 with a 6-cell battery.


(via Liliputing)


Ricky B.

I don’t mind the shifted right shift, but those dedicated page up and page down buttons look fantastic.


I notice that that isn’t a French keyboard. In fact it’s a US keyboard (as opposed to a British one), so presumably we’re looking at a US model here.


Seems like some standards are needed here. I can already envision the nightmare of changing netbooks and getting lost all over again with the variations in Fn key compromises. On the Dell I have to use Fn for the exact opposite of what MSI and Samsung chose.

I am drooling over that Samsung and feeling some remorse over having jumped at the Dell. Why? Period, quote, apostrophe, dash are in the “right place” and that big right shift key!

Pam T.

Hmmm… I’m going to be in Europe in Ocotober and November, too. I wonder if I’ll find one of these on my travels?


i wont lie that is a nice looking keyboard, looking over it key-by-key it’s probably the best yet. it even has a dedicated page up/down!

it’s nice to see that some manufactures realize it’s better to shrink the touchpad/palmrest in order to have a larger keyboard (HP, Acer). instead of leaving the touchpad/palmrest big & having a small keyboard (Asus).

i also like the fact they are shrinking less important keys like Caps Lock to make other keys larger. i mean seriously, who uses CL that much? how many times do you have to capitalize so many letters in a row that you need a large dedicated button?

the only actual fault i even see is that the backspace is a little smaller than id like. because i use it quite a bit for it’s extra functionality like backing through webpages.

John S

I love that we share the same obsession about the keyboard. The “full right-shift key” rule is my #1 bugaboo and has kept me from pulling the trigger on a netbook. The LG from yesterday was the first that I saw that had me ready to go, now this.


Is this a clone? The keyboard looks like the LG X110, which appears to be a clone of the MSI Wind.

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