GRemote turns HTC Touch Pro, Diamond into a mouse

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GremoteLast month I mentioned AirMouse, a free iPhone application that turns your handheld into a usable mouse or trackpad. It’s only fair to point out a Windows Mobile solution, even if it’s only for the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond for the moment. GRemote is a freeware app that lets you bypass your notebook’s trackpad by using the touchscreen display of your handset. You can run the server piece on your host Windows PC and there’s also support for Linux computers as well. The developer uses TCP/IP for communication between the “mouse” and your computer and the connection works over USB cable or you can go wireless with WiFi or a Bluetooth PAN. It’s still a work-in-progress, but worth following.I like these types of apps for netbooks because of the smaller touchpads and sometimes non-standard button placement that usually accompany these computers. If you forgot to throw the travel mouse in your gadget bag, something like GRemote comes in handy.

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Would also be quiet handy for a Home theater PC, if you just needed the ability to click on something.

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