Freeware of the Moment- PC Decrapifier

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RemovesoftwareWe’ve all been exposes to that bane of the new computer buyer.  The moment that should be pure elation over the new hardware turns into the unboxing of horror as you discover all of that crapware the manufacturer has installed on your new baby.  Most of it is trialware and browser toolbars, all of those things designed to make your life easier but in fact cost you hours to uninstall it so your new toy will run like it should.  Enter the Freeware of the Moment, the aptly named PC Decrapifier. This utility does exactly what its name implies, it removes a lot of that crapware automatically so you don’t have to.  The program can remove a lot of junk that is installed by your friends at  Norton, Yahoo, Dell, Roxio, Sonic, Corel, Google and Microsoft.  Yes, finally an easy way to get rid of Norton Internet stuff.  Hats off to Digital Inspiration for pointing to PC Decrapifier.  The program is free for personal use but you should make a donation if it saves you a lot of grief.  Note that the program should only be used on new computers as it may not be able to remove crapware on systems that have been in use.

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so install a program to remove other programs? why not just use add/remove? does this program do something fancy like remove ALL old files & registry entries?

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