BayTSP Moving Into Research, Advertising

The Internet’s “copyright cop,” BayTSP is looking to take what it has learned from its policing the Internet and apply it to marketing research and advertising.

Hired by copyright holders to find illegal copies of content on the web, BayTSP gathers and generates an astounding amount of data. It has indexed nearly 87 million videos uploaded that have racked up over 260 billion video views. BayTSP knows data such as what content is being pirated, how often, how many people watched, and how much potential money was lost.

During a visit this week, the secretive company let me film just a peek of some of the data is collects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But it’s become clear to BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa that the “real money” lies elsewhere, and can be found within these numbers.

On the marketing research front, BayTSP knows which bits from movies and TV shows people are most interested in by looking at which clips gets posted to UGC sites and are most popular. Content owners can then pick up on what’s hot and tailor a show or develop marketing programs based on that info. Since BayTSP has a digital fingerprint of a movie early on in the process, it can gauge buzz and excitement by watching for any activity from a movie’s pre-theatrical release through its release on DVD.

BayTSP then wants to take all this data one step further and get into the ad game. Because BayTSP knows when, where and how long people are watching clips, it believes it can help video sites better target ads (and charge higher CPMs). Ishikawa said his company would look to monetize this tactic by taking a cut of the ad buys.

BayTSP isn’t alone in this field. YouTube has its own fingerprinting tool and recently recommended Nexicon as a copyright manager to help content owners target advertising and monetize clips uploaded to the video site. Additionally, BayTSP has competitive pressures from video search companies like VideoSurf and Divvio, who want to use their technology to better target contextual ads for online videos.