Apple only dropped NDA concerning released apps

Rotten_appleYou may have heard today that Apple "finally dropped the NDA for iPhone developers".  I’ve seen it on a number of blogs including our sister blog.  I’ve followed the story through and while it’s true that Apple has dropped some restrictions about disclosure they’ve only dropped nondisclosure on released apps.  I believe that means that all other nondisclosure conditions put on developers who use the Apple SDK to develop iPhone applications are still in place. I’m not a developer so I don’t have the full NDA conditions at my disposal but I don’t think this partial release would prevent the brouhaha such as the one that ensued when Podcaster was rejected for sale in the App Store.  If a developer’s app is rejected for acceptance into the App Store it seems to me it might still be under NDA.  You certainly couldn’t talk about your development efforts in progress since the app is not released at that point.  Come on Apple, you WANT developers talking about development.


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