Nokia Ad Network Not Letting In Just Anyone; Nokia Launches Metro Targeting


A small interview in ClickZ with Tom Henriksson, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Interactive Marketing’s new head who talks about the handset maker’s ad business. The company’s strategy isn’t exactly surprising–“build the biggest mobile audience, but the biggest premium mobile audience; build reach for our publisher network both on the European side and in the U.S.” He dismissed the notion that its network was more European-centric, noting that Europe had many more publishers, while the US had fewer publishers but with much greater reach, hence the seeming imbalance. As for who gets into its ad network, Nokia is choosy. “We focus so much on premium and high-quality experience. [Mobile is] still small potatoes compared to online; that’s why we’re focused on premium,” said Henriksson.

Meanwhile, Nokia has launched Metro Targeting, a service that lets advertisers target their mobile campaigns to consumers in 10 of the US

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