CBS Pulls Adult-Oriented Content From Citizen Journalism iPhone App

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1 Comment

Roger Grice

The comment "CBS has a moderator, but ….." amused me. Our company Tribalg has been doing mobile UGC and community for about 8 years. For the last 4 years we have moderated every single item, text, picture and video on a 24/7 basis. It's no small feat. In 2004 there was great concern about this sort of issue. Profanity was and issue but there was an even greater danger of pedophilia and grooming. We actually stopped what we were doing and concentrated solely on our moderation suite, to avoid the risk of losing our media, and carrier clients. It cost us over a million to develop the suite and millions since then to run it, but it seems that the industry requires this and it's simply part of the territory. We promote use of strong adult verification, and also proper moderation. Our clients might say "Why do you do this?" and we say "Imagine if there's an incident, and CBS 60 minutes get's hold of it?"

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