Yes, LG’s netbooks are real and they’re spectacular


Lgx110netbook Wired
LG X110 and the occasional OS X Update Lgx110closeup


morten andersen

tino is totally wrong when he says that LG X110 is totally identical to the Wind. He cannot have seen the very important difference of the keyboard, as jkontherund also highlightes, that the LG has a big and good right shift key and better placed arrow keys. I can’t understand: Is tino blind?


have you seen an open shot of it? it looks like a 8.9″ screen in a 10″ body. unless the bezel is just huge.


This is completely identical to the WIND except the presence of the pageup and pagedown keys. That alone should worth $30-50 extra IMO.

I don’t know why people want full sized right shift key, I even remapped it to act as a different key. The only problem I get is typing question mark with only one hand, when I am lying on my bed.

But yeah repackaged MSI WIND.



I bought a MSI Wind a couple of months ago. I chose it over the Acer Aspire One for the larger screen and keyboard. It’s a great little machine and I can tell you that heat definitely is NOT an issue. I bought the original Eee pc when it came out and that had some serious heat issues despite having an SSD.

Atom + a nice speedy SATA drive = roomy netbook heaven (I had my share of always worrying about disk space with my Eee)


Well, it’s pretty, for sure but it is certainly no Acer Aspire One. I’m sold on mine. Love the Linux on it and with the SSD there is no heat issue as there will be with these netbooks coming with a regular spinning hard drive. Oh well, if heat is what some people want they will get it with this one.


No, I totally missed that reference. Yup. Was that Teri Hatcher?

Anyway. These look nice. If they can price themselves below the Wind I’ll take a look.

Hey, Kevin — how is that one OS working for you on the Wind? Have you gotten everything working? I’m still using it on my Thinkpad… but the amount of stuff that doesn’t work is beginning to take its toll.

I had to patch up PCMCIA the other night and it made me sad. Felt like I was using a particularly low-access brand of Linux or something. :-)

Chris K


Seriously, the most useful part of the netbooks is the part that they never want to show off. Sure, they all have the same specs, but the ergonomics are different on each one. The EeePC has a tiny, poorly laid out keyboard, the Fujitsu U810 is even worse, the MSI Wind seems a bit better, and the Acer Aspire One is almost at the top, if not for the HP Mini-note.

Give us more keyboard pictures! Show us the part of the system that we’re going to be using all the time, not the glossy backs and the port layout!

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