Upgrading the RAM in the MSI Wind takes five minutes if you’re slow

Msiwindinternals_2I’m killing time before Barb gets home from running some errands, so I figured I’d make use of a spare memory module I have lying around the house. I don’t know if mainstream consumers are going to mod or upgrade netbooks, but another possible differentiator for these devices could be how easy they are to upgrade. It couldn’t be any easier to get at the guts of the MSI Wind. I simply removed the battery and then the nine visible screws on the back of the device. Yes, one was under the warranty sticker; I’m a rebel I tell ya! Once the screws were undone, it was just a matter of carefully separating the device base from the body. I actually found it far easier than on my prior UMPCs. This was also one of the things I didn’t like about the Acer Aspire One: there’s no quick-and-easy way to get the internals of that netbook.Here you have full access to the RAM slot in the middle, the hard drive and the wireless card that’s on the left side. I’m considering a swap of that card so I can use WiFi on the Wind with Mac OS X. The Realtek card in the Wind isn’t supported by the Mac operating system and rather than wait for a driver to appear, it’s likely faster to get a supported card. Speaking of fast: the entire upgrade took me under five minutes from start to finish… and I was slow and cautious.


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