New Toshiba 1.8-inch drives hit 250GB

8200000033ab000012b4000000010000000Is it too early to start that letter to Santa or did you already start? You might want to add a line item for the UMPC in your life because December will bring Toshiba’s newest 1.8-inch hard drive to market (PDF). Yes it’s physically small, hence the micro-SATA connector, but it’s large in capacity; topping out at 250GB. Two Christmas seasons ago saw Tosh hit 100GB in the same footprint, so the elves have surely been busy!The 5200 RPM MKxx29GSG series handles 120-, 160- or 250GB of your data at up to 707.9 Mbps… not 708, but we can round up, right? Actually, this is a slick method of spin on the data transfer as Toshiba offers it in “megabits” and not “megabytes” per second. Doing the requisite math says that your bits and bytes can move off the drive at up 88.5 MBps, which doesn’t sound nearly as fast, but is still peppy enough. Reads and writes will use 1.2W of power on your portable while the drive idles at 0.4W to help with your battery life. No pricing announced yet, which is why we hope it magically appears under the tree.


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