Monitor bandwidth speeds and data usage for free: BitMeter2


Bitmeter_mainWith a majority of people not liking bandwidth caps, now might be a good time to check out BitMeter2, a free Windows application to help you monitor data usage. I tend to use the VZ Access software provided by Verizon Wireless for my general data usage, but BitMeter2 offers far more features. With it installed, you can:

  • View realtime upload and download statistics
  • See historical data over the past few hours, days or weeks
  • Export your usage data into a spreadsheet. Useful for when you get “cut-off” unfairly, no?
  • Enter the bandwidth cap number from your ISP and receive a warning when you’re close to the limit
  • View your data on a web-interface, which of course is funny. You’re using bandwidth to check out how much bandwidth you’ve used… sounds like a bad, recursive Web 2.0 joke to me although I’m sure it’s useful

There are other net-monitoring tools out there, but BitMeter2 is worthy of consideration for a PC that’s on the go and relies a limited-use data plan.



A PC-based bandwidth meter is only going to work if you use the router/modem on that one PC.

If you are monitoring home usage, you need a router-based solution. In addition to DD-WRT, there is also one called Tomato. Both require you to flash your router’s ROM, so be sure to download the latest firmware for your router before in case you need to roll back.

If you have a cellular wireless card/USB modem, your carrier may provide you with the information. I know Verizon Wireless does this.



As for BitMeter, I like it. It’s more polished than NetMeter and comparable to DUMeter which is a commercial product. Only downside vs. DUMeter is it seems to use more memory(10K vs. 3K), but the difference should be negligible for most systems.


Davis, if you have a supported router, check out DD-WRT firmware. I’ve installed it on my Linksys router and it monitors and logs the bandwidth usage. BTW, I just checked my usage, and it appears I’ve used 189GB this month. I will try harder next month, so I can reach 250GB. Otherwise, I will ask Comcast either money back or rollover for unused portion.

Kevin C. Tofel

Davis, it appears that BitMeter2 only monitors the host where the client is installed. To monitor WiFi usage on various devices, I think you’d have to do that at the router level. I’ll dig around for any potential solutions. I wonder if limiting WiFi access via the MAC addresses of your various devices would work for you?

Davis Freeberg

Thanks for posting. I’ve been looking all over the net for something that could help give me a better sense of how much bandwidth I was consuming, but all of the programs have been too technical or too spammy. Do you know whether this monitors only for the computer that you have it installed on or would I be able to check and see if someone was freeloading wifi access?

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