Monitor bandwidth speeds and data usage for free: BitMeter2

Bitmeter_mainWith a majority of people not liking bandwidth caps, now might be a good time to check out BitMeter2, a free Windows application to help you monitor data usage. I tend to use the VZ Access software provided by Verizon Wireless for my general data usage, but BitMeter2 offers far more features. With it installed, you can:

  • View realtime upload and download statistics
  • See historical data over the past few hours, days or weeks
  • Export your usage data into a spreadsheet. Useful for when you get “cut-off” unfairly, no?
  • Enter the bandwidth cap number from your ISP and receive a warning when you’re close to the limit
  • View your data on a web-interface, which of course is funny. You’re using bandwidth to check out how much bandwidth you’ve used… sounds like a bad, recursive Web 2.0 joke to me although I’m sure it’s useful

There are other net-monitoring tools out there, but BitMeter2 is worthy of consideration for a PC that’s on the go and relies a limited-use data plan.


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