Flash for iPhone Confirmed; Ball in Apple’s Hands

From a blog post that launched a thousand rumors, comes confirmation that Adobe is, in fact, creating a way to bring Flash content to the iPhone.

Here is an excerpt from their official statement during a recent “town hall”:

“Upon a direct question from the audience, Paul Betlem for the first time publicly confirmed that Adobe is actively developing a Flash Player for Apple’s popular phone. He said (not direct quote) ‘My team is working on Flash on the iPhone, but it’s a closed platform.’ He noted that Apple makes all the decisions, so in other words, the ball is in Apple’s yard at this time. If Apple says yes, Adobe will have the player available in a very short time.”

It will be interesting to see how this makes it way through the Cupertino application gates since this will be a direct competitior to the built-in audio and video players and will also provide an alternate way to develop applications for Apple’s devices. Given how Flash-centric their new creative suite appears to be, this move by Adobe may be seen as a real threat to Apple’s hold on the platform.

Apple may have little choice but to let Adobe into their camp since Microsoft has licensed Flash Lite for their mobile devices and it is expected that the Android phone platform will also eventually support it (but support is not expected out of the gate).

Do you want or need Flash support on your phone? If you are a developer of Flash content, are you eager to adapt your creations to run on Apple’s iPods & iPhones? Keep the converation going in the comments!