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EEStor to Super Charge Electric Bikes

We still haven’t seen exactly how secretive EEStor’s ambiguously named Electrical Energy Storage Unit (EESU) works, but the Cedar Park, Texas-based startup has been racking up the technology partners. Light Electric Vehicles Company (LightEVs) says it has signed an exclusive agreement with EEStor to use the EESU in two- and three-wheeled vehicles. This follows partnerships with military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin and electric car maker ZENN. EEStor is aiming to start commercial production of its EESUs sometime in 2009, though its not clear which partners will get first dibs.

According to the Eugene, Ore.-based LightEV’s website, it is working on electric propulsion systems for electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and three-wheeled vehicles, which will be built in partnership with existing manufacturers and under its own brands. John Stephens, Executive Vice President, said in the release that LightEVs plans to use EEStor’s technology to make an electric bicycle with a 100 mile range and is considering developing a three-wheel, two-passenger electric vehicle with a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 85 mph. Impressive sounding, but we’re still waiting for details on how the technology exactly works and performs.

LightEVs describes EEStor’s technology as a “multilayered barium titanate ceramic capacitor,” and the company has said its units are based on “ultra capacitor architecture.” EEStor expects its technology to provide 10 times the energy of lead-acid batteries at one tenth the weight and half the price.

EEStor signed an international rights agreement with military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin to integrate its EESUs into military applications. Meanwhile, Electric car maker ZENN Motor Cars invested $2.5 million in EEStor in 2007 for a 3.8 percent stake in the company, putting EEStor’s estimated equity valuation at the time at some $66 million. ZENN says it has the rights to use EEStor’s technology in new vehicles weighing up to 1,400 kilos, as well as for retrofits.

Founded in 2001 by disk-storage vets Richard D. Weir, Carl Nelson, and Richard S. Weir, EEStor reportedly received $3 million in backing from Kleiner Perkins in 2005, though the startup is not listed in Kleiner’s portfolio. Additionally, MIT Technology Review says former Dell Computer chairman Morton Topfer sits on EEStor’s board.

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11 Responses to “EEStor to Super Charge Electric Bikes”

  1. A reply I received to an inquiry about buying stock in LightEV:

    “We have been receiving an almost overwhelming response to our recent press release. For those of you who have questions, we hope you will understand if we don’t get back to you as soon as you would like. Also, please understand that we might not be at liberty to answer all of your questions about EEStor and their technology. Based on our investigation of EEStor’s progress, we saw, and continue to see, an outstanding opportunity. For the time being, we will be responding primarily to prospective business inquiries only. Thank you all for your great response, interest, and patience.

    Light Electric Vehicles Company

    P.s. Brief answer: Light Electric Vehicles Company (LightEVsâ„¢) is a privately owned company (private stock shares), and is not currently planning a public offering.”

  2. Ripped Off

    I bought some of Zenn’s stock and it has done nothing but go down since I bought it. Zenn is a rip off.

    What happened to Zenn’s “The ZENN Will Make It’s Canadian Debut on Oct. 4th. Well it’s October 9th and I’ve heard nothing except my Ameritrade account going south….

  3. Now here is an electric scooter that really works, is affordable and super convenient. You just cant beat how great it is to ride an electric scooter: silent, smooth and REALLY cheap to run!

  4. Weir is a Huckster

    Zenn doesn’t really produce a car. A French company produces the car, ships them to Canada. Zenn puts in the motor and battery. Once and for all Ricard Weir is a scam artist. Check out the Eestor World headquarters in Austin – located in a strip mall type office park between the Yoga Wellness Center and car insurance office. Eestor has 9 employess 3 of which have the last name of Weir – mom, dad and junior.

    Move on, Eestor is a waste of time.

  5. LightEV, according to Oregon Secretary of State, was started in February 2008. No one in Eugene has ever heard of them. Sounds more like an idea than a real company. At least Zenn actually produces a car.

  6. ApplewoodCourt

    From the looks of the LightEVs website – apparently someone’s middle schooler didn’t do so well in HTML class.

    They don’t actually build anything … they simply have the exclusive license – per the website manufacturers of said bicycles should contact them – this has SCAM written all over it – poorly constructed website, PO Box for an address and the contact is “[email protected]

  7. ApplewoodCourt

    Honestly, EeStor should focus on delivering a product. At some point, these partnerships and investors will get wise to the fact that Eestor and the EESU is nothing but a scam. Richard Weir should be a used car salesman, he would no doubt be one of the best ever.

    EEStor is aiming to start commercial production of its EESUs sometime in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 20xx. This is really, really old.