Buffalo’s Shinobi carries 60GB of data in a two-ounce package


MinistationshinobiharddriveWhat looks to be the footprint of a business card, weighs two ounces and can hold up to 60GB of your data? Hands up, who said the “MiniStation Shinobi“? *looks for hands* OK, props to the uber-geek in the back of the room with the “Luke, I am your father” T-shirt on. While not learning to speak Klingon, he clearly noticed the announcement of this little data contaniner from Buffalo.The Shinobi measures a small 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.2-inches and holds one of those tiny 1.8-inch drives inside along with a self-contained USB 2.0 interface. Just plug in to your notebook for access to your data; no external power required. Hmm, what are the odds that the Shinobi could be opened up easily? I wouldn’t mind super-sizing this to a Large with one of the new 250GB Toshiba drives if the interface would work. According to Everything USB, you should find these next month: $119 for the 30GB model and $169 to double your data pleasure.



i really wish these things would get a bit more competitive with dvd-r’s as archive media.

i need something i can slap nice amounts of data onto, put on some shelf, and then dig back out if/when needed, and dvd’s are kinda running out of space, requiring me to juggle the data to get it onto multiples of them…

Lukas Okmis

Why not to get a 8dollar 1,8″ not-so-cool enclosure and a 1,8″ drive of your choice?

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