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RealNetworks’ Glaser On Dueling Lawsuits

RealNetworks (NSDQ: RNWK) chairman and CEO Rob Glaser debuted on the company blog this afternoon with his explanation of how his company and the MPAA wound up on a collision course in the courts over RealDVD. To review the bidding, Real launched its new RealDVD software app today, designed to allow consumers to copy DVDs onto PCs. Real says it’s legal and that it protects “legitimate interests.”

“This morning we were forced to file a lawsuit against six major U.S. movie studios to ensure that nothing gets in the way of us providing RealDVD to consumers. These studios and their trade association (the MPAA) have filed suit against us trying to stop RealDVD. As a company with a nearly 15 year track record of innovation that’s both great for consumers and fully respectful of intellectual property, we’re disappointed that the movie studios thought they had to file lawsuits. We began active discussions with the studios even before we announced RealDVD and up until last night were optimistic that we could find common ground with them without having to resort to the legal system.”

We’ve included the filings by both sides in our coverage:
Updated: Real Files Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Against Studios; MPAA Asks For Restraining Order On RealDVD
MPAA Files Counter Suit Against RealNetworks;

3 Responses to “RealNetworks’ Glaser On Dueling Lawsuits”

  1. It's simple how it's on the opposite side of consumers. Real is undermining the multitude of business models available to consumers now, most of which didn't exist a few years ago. By opening the door to copying DVDs without the authorization of the copyright owner, it puts us on a path to having creative works sold with all rights available at one price, even if we don't need all of those rights and wish to pay less.