Goes Social With The NPR Community

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imageSure, there’s some cheap jokes to be made here, but why bother: is the latest big media site to get a fresh coat of social networking. Yesterday, the site launched The NPR Community, a place where fans of the non-profit radio network can create profiles, connect with friends, and yes, even write on each other’s walls. In some respects it looks similar to the NYT’s TimesPeople effort, as a big part of the draw may be the chance to see what NPR staffers are up to and interact with them. (You can check out staff profiles here). The new features, still in beta, comes as NPR continues to make moves on the digital front. It recently named Kinsey Wilson as its digital chief (replacing Maria Thomas who left for Etsy). Also, earlier this year, the company opened up an API, giving outside users and developers access to a chunk of its library.

For more see this blog post announcing the news and a related wire story.

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My name is Barbara Wellspring, and I currently have an album airing world-wide through NPR. I need infor-
mation about policies and guidelines regarding this music and other new releases I’d like to submit. I need to know if I can have more than one album on the air. I need to know when is the best time to submit. What I need, is a CONTACT PERSON at NPR, who can give me this and other, pertinent info. so I can make infor-
med choices rather than just guess and hope for the best. Security is very high and accessability is low. Surely a performing artist may have a way of getting help in such situations!!!??? HELP!

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