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Kyte Comes Out Of Beta For Nokia S60

imageKyte Mobile Producer has been freed from beta and is now available publicly for multiple Nokia (NYSE: NOK) S60 devices. The application, which enables live video streaming or the ability to upload immediately after shooting video from most Nokia devices, has been used by companies such as public radio station KCRW, HuffingtonPost, SPIN, and artists such as 50 Cent and New Kids On The Block for months now. KCRW and HuffingtonPost used the tool to cover the recent political conventions while some artists are using the application to give their fans more content from the road or studio. The application is also available for the iPhone, but of course there’s no video capability on device, so you have to have a jailbroken version. The San Francisco-based company is also planning to release Kyte Dashboard in a few weeks that will allow for better measurement of Kyte users

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