Ad Industry Roundup: Guitar Hero; Forbes; Spot Runner


Guitar Hero’s new tune: in-game ads: Video gamer Activision (NSDQ: ATVI) Blizzard has signed a deal with in-game ads company IGA to place marketing messages within the popular Guitar Hero franchises. The ads will begin showing up in the PlayStation3 version of the game’s next installment, Guitar Hero: World Tour. The ads will likely be featured as banners posted in the virtual concert halls or guitar decals. offers ad effectiveness guarantee: Online media may promise better targeting and effectiveness, but is prepared to back up that pledge to a greater degree. The online mag has started a new program,



Jenkins is right. The spotruiner is very likely going to try to blog-spin their way out of what could be their own death spiral. They could not directly compete with the quality low cost discount service of CheapTVSpots who makes custom TV ads and sells discount air time, so why not distract investors with another abstraction. Those template ads were interesting until the public got sick of their sameness. Was it just one more tech bamboozle? Maybe there are some past or present employees out there to talk about it. Does spotruiner charge a premium for air time. Do they charge extra fees like it's been said they do? Let us know. But please be honest. First hand experiences are best. Let's get the info right from the horse's mouth.


Looks like Spotrunner is getting increasingly desperate for publicity after major layoffs and the loss of their Chief Revenue Officer after a few months on the job. Add them to the deadpool!


Forbes was already offering a guarantee, they've just beefed up their old guarantee. Try doing your homework or at least read an industry news publication once in a while.

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