The Perfect Apple for the Living Room

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With rumors that something will change with the Apple TV this week, Alistair Croll takes the opportunity to pen an ambitious feature wish list for the perfect Apple entertainment device:

– TV tuner and set-top PVR to take on TiVo, with streaming and synchronization to Apple’s mobile devices, the way Slingbox does, handled through a more reliable MobileMe

– Controllers with accelerometers and a set-top App Store to rival what’s on the iPhone and iPod Touch

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William Maggos

I don’t expect Apple to do this, but my wishlist for the perfect livingroom entertainment device also includes 2 basics (on top of gaming support):

support for media torrent RSS (like Miro does it)
support for open video streaming (like VLC and Shoutcast TV do)

Re: #1, if we want to lower the costs of distribution in order to promote more independent video producers, build bittorrent support into the podcatcher. Re: #2, it works just like internet radio, but for video. true internet TV.

this combination would allow newteevee to truly give oldteevee real competition.

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