The Daily Sprout

RGGI Auction Sells Out at $3.07 a Ton: All 12.5 million allowances auctioned last week by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, North America’s first cap-and-trade system, sold for $3.07 each, raising some $38.5 million for the member states – Green Inc.

McKinsey Sees Clean Coal Viable in 2030: A new report from McKinsey & Co. estimates that carbon capture and storage technologies at new power plants will be economically feasible in 2030 at a cost of $43 to $65 per ton of abatement. So, in short, hurry up and wait – Green Car Congress.

Kia Eying Ultra-Capacitors for Fuel Cell Car?: The South Korean automaker is reportedly considering ultra-capacitors as an energy storage device for its next-gen fuel cell vehicles with a total voltage of 450v – Telegraph via Autoblog Green.

DOE Puts $17.6M into Early State PV Projects: As part of President Bush’s Solar America Initiative, the Department of Energy has announced up to $17.6 million in funding for six different photovoltaic module developers who are working on new solar designs – DOE.

Mr. Musk, We Have Ignition: Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk saw success with his cosmic venture and has successfully launched his privately-funded SpaceX Falcon 1 into orbit – Register.