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Super Talent SSD pricing down to $2.33 per gigabyte for 128GB


I wondered if 2009 would be the year of the Solid State Disk but maybe I’m late by a few months. We’re witnessing more and more devices available with an SSD option for starters. All we need now is some low pricing. What’s this? Super Talent now has a 128-GB SSD drive for under $300 smackers? Yikes!It’s the FTM28GO25H model for those in the know and the drive is a 2.5-incher which should fit in bunches of notebooks; possibly even a netbook or two. Super Talent went with a SATA-II interface and the drive supports 100 MB reads and 40 MB writes. Plenty fast enough for the operating system of your choice and far faster than a vastly cheaper SSD modules I’ve seen used before. $299 works out to a reasonable $2.33 per gigabyte. There’s a 64-GB model as well that offers the same specs… other than the capacity and price of course; the FTM64GO25H will run you $179. That just might be worth taking a closer look at since my MSI Wind uses a 2.5-inch drive and my cloud working lets me get away with lower capacity drives. Hmmm….

6 Responses to “Super Talent SSD pricing down to $2.33 per gigabyte for 128GB”

  1. This looks really interesting. I could do with a bit more space to be honest in my Wind and a move to a SSD makes real sense.

    So far I have resisted (that and not having enough money!) but it is getting difficult. It will be interesting what $ to £ conversion these are offered at for those of us in the UK.

  2. 64GB FOR $179 is almost $3/GB – ripoff. While I can certainly understand the benefit a 2.5″ high-capacity SSD would have in a netbook like the Wind or mininote, the prices are going to have to come way down. Sell me a 256GB SSD for $256 – now we can bargain!!!