SanDisk bumps microSD memory card to 16 GB


Sdhc_m2_16gb_deWorried that you might run out of storage space on that cell-phone? SanDisk doesn’t want you losing sleep at night wondering what music you’ll have to move from one memory card to another. That’s why they introduced high-capacity, 16-GB microSD cards today. The small flash memory works with any phone that supports the SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity, microSD format and retails for just $99.99. Sorry, you’ll have to provide your own music for these cards; they don’t come with any albums included. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.SanDisk also has a 16-GB card for Sony Ericsson devices that support the M2, or Memory Stick Micro form-factor, although these retail for $30 more. Best Buy Mobile will carry the new cards starting in October, while Verizon Wireless stores get them a month later.


John in Norway

I’ve been waiting for these things for months. Not sure why though, it’s guaranteed that the music I feel like listening to today isn’t on the card.
What do I do with the 8GB card I have now, though? It’s so tiny that I’m bound to lose it if it’s not in the phone.


You’ll need a 16gb microsd for your phone soon, with some of the new phones being announced with 10 megapixel cameras. You need room for all those giant, fuzzy, low quality pictures you’ll take of stupid crap when you’re drunk (and even when you aren’t).

Mark H

I upgraded the OS in my Windows Mobile 5 phone to version 6 so it can handle SDHC. Did the same with a hotfix for my WinXP laptop. Seems to be a software thing rather than hardware. 16GB brings it to the same capacity as an iPhone.


Not a bad price, though if you wait, they will come down.

However, how many phones will be able to handle the memory density? I can remember a year or so ago that some phones couldn’t handle more than 2GB, and then 4GB was the new limit, then 8GB.

Be sure before you buy!


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