IconDial: free computer-to-phone service with no download


IcondialNeed to make a call in pinch but your phone battery just gave out? Surely you’ve got a computer that’s connected to the web somehow, right? If so, take a peek at IconDial in your browser-du-jour: it’s a free web-service that uses Flash to make a free phone call without a download, sign-up, registration. Zip, zilch, nada. Seriously.I tested a call earlier today and didn’t notice any difference in the quality than I would from a SkypeOut call. The service appears to be in start-up mode so you’ll only get a few minutes of free phone time, but IconDial plans to up the ante to 20-minutes in the future. How do they allow you to make a free phone call to anywhere in the world? I’ll give you three guesses, but you likely need only one. Once you dial, you’ll hear a short, five-second advertisement. It’s a small price to pay in my book and sure beats trying to use a phone with a dead battery.


Brian Kirk


If you are a fan of free PC to phone calling & you want good quality phone calls too, please check out EarthCaller.com by Jaduka. The team has made a number of improvements to the GUI & we would value your feedback on our application.

Keep up the great work,

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