Fujitsu-Siemens Stylistic ST6012: long live the slate PC!


Stylisticst6012It’s rare to see a new slate Tablet PC hitting the airwaves these days, so this news should be shouted from the rooftops: there’s a new Stylistic in the works. The ST6012 is a modernized version that I expect will replace the 501x line, which has been around for two years or so. The 3.5-pounder with digitizer offers a 12.1-inch WXGA display and uses a 1.4 GHz Ultra-Low Voltage Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Like many full-sized portable computers these days, you can spec the 5200 RPM drive at 120-, 160-, or 320-GB… that’s assuming a 64 GB SSD doesn’t have enough space for you. Connectivity comes in a choice of an Atheros 802.11 b/g card or you can go with Intel solution for 802.11 a/g/n.Fujitsu-Seimens says the pre-installed OS is a “TwinLoad” of Windows XP Tablet Edition and Vista Business, although I wouldn’t think this is a dual-boot solution. Instead, I’m thinking that you choose which operating system you want out of the box: one is installed and one is blown away, perhaps? There are two DIMM slots for memory so you can pop two 2 GB RAM modules in there for 4 GB of total memory. I don’t see any battery life claims, but there’s a second battery option available: 7800 mAh / 84.24 W/hr. No word on price yet either. Any slate users salivating over this?(via GottaBeMobile)



About 3 years ago, I lost the use of my right hand to severe arthritis like symptoms. They’re not arthritis, but the fingers are generally unusable and as such, I can no longer touch type. I can still hold a pen though. Since then, I’ve been using a Tablet for near 100% of my work, all emails, all documentation, all development. I was forced to go this route, so I’ve had to stick with it. Many others run back to their familiar keyboard within a few hours. I’m glad I sticked with it. It is a really impressive experience, and very well done. Not perfect, but well… Windows 7 improves on it a bit more, you’ll love it. Anyway, I have a X61 Tablet, and it works fine. I’m looking at this new Fujitsu as a replacement, so I can ditch the keyboard and go with a cleaner, simpler and less mechanical (subject to breakage) slate design. The Motion LE1700 looks good, but this is looking very nice. Anyway, don’t just assume that a slate can only review documents, I’m a Technical Editor on industry technical specifications, and it’s all done by slate. No problem at all. (this entered by slate too). Reviewing docs, sure. Creating them, absolutely! I am not at all limited by a slate.


Anyone hear if they plan the 10 inch version of the 6100 series like with other series. This looks great if it would be smaller and lighter. I need a great paper grading, note taking, take everywhere machine. Right now P1610 serves that function for me.

Jose R. Ortiz

I too remember watching Kevin’s review of the 5112 after which I promptly purchased one. I ended up sticking with the Motion 1600LE but have been planning to get the 5112 again. I’m glad to see a new slate coming out but I’m not very impressed by the design. I wonder if this semi-rugged model will be targeted to field professionals with a more consumer-centric design to follow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

BTW, Tobu: Take a look at Tablet Kiosk and Motion Computing since I think their lines would meet the requirements that you’ve listed.

Mike Klein

I think it’s missing a 1.3Mp web camera.

I own the ST5111 and love it (shoulda gotten the ST5112 though).

After a year only thing I miss is integrated webcam and fingerprint reader and 2nd microphone (last 2 on 5112 but not 5111).

borax99 (Alain C.)

I have a Fuji 5020D. It’s older and runs XP tablet, but I must say that it is so superbly balanced that it is actually *more* comfortable to use than the much lighter P1610.

This new slate looks very very nice, but it will be mucho dinero. To spec out the 5112 decently, you end up at near-4K !!!

Kevin C. Tofel

Tobu, I’m personally spoiled by lighter devices when I think about it. My last several purchases of UMPCs and netbooks in the past two years have all weighed less than three pounds, so a 3.52-pound slate isn’t something I’d be looking for. However, I’m sure many folks would be just fine with a slate Tablet PC with this weight. To just review or use docs (f those are your only needs), I have to wonder if you’re in the target audience for the iRex 1000 series Digital Reader. It wouldn’t provide as much functionality as the Stylistic slates of course, but would cost much less and weighs 1.2-pounds. See:


Kevin I remember watching with fascination your video review of its predecessor (18 months ago?) which was my first insight into tablets. Now after a year with a X61T, I think a slate would be a great addition to the line up. Yes, addition. I’d like an additional device to use along side my tablet laptop. One for just reviewing or using documents. Perhaps a full size ereader could take that place at some point in the future!

So my main issue is the weight of this new tablet – any thoughts Kevin?

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