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Five New Media Blogs Worth Reading

Taking a little stroll through my RSS feed reader this weekend, I wanted to make sure you knew about five good blogs written by online video makers about their craft and the world around them. Maybe worth a bookmark of your own. Safran Digital Group COO Jake Zim blogs about everything from company news to industry views to how to stream porn on your iPhone. Most of all, Zim understands the No. 1 rule of blogging: Be provocative. Which, of course, can be both good and bad. Sample post: “Why Gemini Division Disappoints

Dembot: Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron thinks big picture almost to a fault. Another one who writes from the gut and isn’t afraid to go negative. Sample post: “8 Reasons Why The TV Studios Will Die Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback’s personal blog. This one’s only about a month old, so it might be too early to call it a favorite, but Louderback can actually write. Sample post: “Old Media Still Doesn’t Grok Web Video” (Apparently I’m all about picking out the negative highlights from these sites, but hey, negativity has a way of bringing out passion!)

Kent’s Official Blog: Ask a Ninja creator Kent Nichols reflects on the news and whatever’s going on with his work. This one can be awesome, with Nichols offering strong, detailed, and informative takes on relevant issues — though his experiences may not always be as broadly instructive as he makes them out to be. Good comments too. Sample post: “$6000 to make a crappy video?

Tail Slating: This one’s a little more obscure. I found online video maker Andrew Park’s blog through a trackback, and actually met him in person last week at our New York screening. On Tail Slating, Park documented in detail the making of his upcoming series The Hayley Project. The show (another one about “a cute video blogger who gets wrapped up in some sort of mystery”) is supposed to be released any day now, so the blog should liven up again. Sample post: “The Hayley Project: Day 33

If you have any more favorites, comment away.

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