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Chris Crocker Fails to Leave YouTube As Promised

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Like Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking at the front door, a breakout the night before the big dance and other annoyances, one would think the right approach to Chris Crocker ought to be, “Ignore him and he’ll go away.” Alas, that appears not to work. After declaring dramatically last month that he was leaving YouTube forever, Crocker posted a new video yesterday entitled I Am YouTube.

What do you get for your two minutes and 20 seconds? Some claims that he’s made up with the YouTube powers-that-be (though he is still not a YouTube partner), some shameless boasting about being the so-called “face of YouTube,” a Tay Zonday ejaculation joke, and then some shameless plugging of his new single — that’s right, Chris Crocker is now available in dance music form. (The single reached the top iTunes top 100 the week of Sept. 22nd, according to a video blog post that week; it has since dropped off the charts.)

Crocker continues to intrigue me mainly because I fail to understand what his appeal is. While much of his earlier popularity was built on his championing of alternative lifestyles, ever since Leave Britney Alone! Crocker has abandoned his message to instead focus on self-promotion. Who are the people who now consider themselves Chris Crocker fans? What percentage of them contributed to the nearly 100,000 views I Am YouTube has so far received? What percentage does that leave? And how many viewers are like me, just gawking?

7 Responses to “Chris Crocker Fails to Leave YouTube As Promised”

  1. I think Chris Crocker’s all about fun and showing us all that there’s always another side to things .He’s actually quite harmless and shouldn’t be taken TOO Seriously all though I’m sure he totally means what he says, Lighten up people I like having him around He can be entertaining Shadow Portland Ore

  2. And now he’s got both his MS Chris Crocker website AND You Tube. Though of course do you notice how his newer video views have jumped down to the 100,000? Now that he’s reveiled to people about how their reflexes are to come back and watch how stupid he is, they’ll stop coming back altogether and his fame will crash and burn. Even now I’m hearing from many sources that he’s starting to lose some of his fans. His minutes of fame is fading. Chris Crocker, this is why you don’t act arrogant on camera and love on yourself on it. The popularity of the world is what’s gonna’ make you and if you bite the hand that feeds you, that hand may just not come back to feed you. Can you see it already beginning to stop?

  3. I love Chris Crocker and I’m glad that he can use YouTube to reach his fans and build an audience. I think we will all learn a lot from Chris, how he uses spectacle, story and emotions to engage people from all walks of life and how he deals with his YouTube troubles and monetization.