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Top 100 Media Companies Revs Slowest Since 2001

AdAge has just come out with its annual top 100 media companies rankings, and according to its analysis, they only saw a 4.6 percent revenue boost in 2007, their slowest growth since 2001. No surprise that digital was growing fastest with revenue up 10.8 percent, cable-network growth was close behind, at 10.6 percent. The biggest loser was newspapers, down 6.8 percent. And while ranking themselves are not that groundbreaking (comparing diversified media companies is tough, and who cares whether *Time Warner* will lose its top spot to Comcast), the best part of the rankings is its new-ish “Media Family Tree“, which it started presenting as an interactive table since last year. The tree is the list of all companies, and its divisions, and any available data on them, in an easily digestible form.