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TiVo’s Software Launches On A PC

Surprised this wasn’t available before, but a right step in ultimately getting rid of the box: TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) has launched the first implementation of a fully functional TiVo DVR to actually reside on a PC, in association with DVD software firm Nero. The TiVo app, called LiquidTV-TiVo PC, will be available through retail stores on Oct. 15…the package, will sell for a $199 suggested retail, comes with software and hardware including: a NTSC/ATSC Hauppauge 950Q tuner card, TiVo remote, a portable antenna and one year of TiVo subscription service, reports Twice. If users have a TV tuner card already, then the software-only service is $99 with one year of TiVo service in it. After one year, the prices haven’t been set yet, but the company says it will be lower than usual TiVo sub. The UI on PC is the same as on TiVo set-tops.

The TiVo software will be launched first in U.S., Mexico and Canada, but the plan is to launch it in Europe next year, including in Nero’s home country, Germany, reports AP.

This is certainly not the first such TV recording software on a PC: Windows Media Center allows it, as do plenty of other retail software packages.

3 Responses to “TiVo’s Software Launches On A PC”

  1. Staci D. Kramer

    Frank, it appears to deal only with TV, not web video. As for what the differences are with Media Center, it's not out yet so a little hard to tell. The most obvious difference — and I mean this sincerely — is the TiVo software itself, which has been inaccessible to people without specific set-tops. I'll add a link in the post to Nero's description.

    One key similarity — both require Windows to work. But it looks like this version can be added to versions of Windows without Media Center, which also may add to its appeal.