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AOL Brings Back Digital City As (Yet Another) Blog

In keeping with AOL’s (NYSE: TWX) blog-a-week rollout that it’s been doing for the past year to revamp its portal site, the Time Warner company is looking back to its Digital City brand. The site used to resemble *IAC’s* CitySearch network, but Digital City’s new incarnation is more of a general interest blog, with the entertainment, food and nightlife topics underpinning its posts. Perhaps trying too hard to depart from the old Digital City, the site’s postings represent a farrago of topics: a paean to gourmet grill cheese is sandwiched between a post on the upcoming vice presidential candidates’ debate and a post critiquing media coverage of John McCain’s closeness to the gambling business. The general nature of the site makes it more curious as to why AOL needs another site like this, especially when its been sharpening its offerings with sites like the new female focused Lemondrop and the older male counterpart Asylum. Either way, it represents more space to sell ads in struggling display market. Like the other sites, the revamped Digital City’s ads will be handled by Platform-A, AOL’s online ad group. Release

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