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MTVN Signs Visible Measures to Use Stats to Lure Money to Web Video

Video analytics firm Visible Measures has long said it has some impressive big-name customers, but it’s never been allowed to talk about them publicly. That’s changing today with MTV Networks announcing it’s chosen Visible Measures to analyze the performance of all the network’s online video assets.

MTVN has actually been a Visible Measures client for a while, but it’s only now going public about signing the Boston-based startup for a multi-year global agreement to measure its shows. The thinking is that better measurement of MTVN’s audience engagement will help it attract advertisers. And MTVN does have a pretty aggressive online video strategy, with some 350 different video sites for properties like The Daily Show.

We worked with Visible Measures last week to choose up-and-coming viral ads to show and analyze at our New York Pier Screenings (it wasn’t a formal business relationship, but we collaborated closely). It was great to have a quantitative take to organize and give nuance to our thinking.

Visible Measures now measures more than 100 million different videos on more than 150 different sharing sites, noting things like multiple instances of the same video posted by fans across the web, as well as viewer drop-offs, fast-forwards, and other activity within the host’s official player. The company has also started publishing case studies, like that of Nike’s “Kobe Jumps Over a Car” video, and adding its video analytics take on public events on its blog.

What would be really useful is if Visible Measures would compare viewer metrics between various online video destinations and creators, as Nielsen does for TV (and is starting to try to do for video too). We really don’t know how CBS’s broad syndication strategy, for example, compares to ABC’s controlled approach. However, Visible Measures CEO Brian Shin says a project of that scale would be unlikely for the startup without the help of a strategic partner.

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