Sony Vaio TT reviewed: worth the $4300 price tag?


Sony_vaio_tt_0279gWe admit we were admiring the Sony Vaio TT when we made fun of the high price tag.  Thin and light notebooks that are powerhouses get our motor running even if they carry a very high price (they always do).  We’ve been waiting for someone to review the TT so we could admire from afar the power and form.  We don’t have to wait any longer as Laptop Magazine, those who get all notebook goodness, have published a full review of the Vaio TT.   The Vaio TT is the smallest notebook to have an internal Blu-Ray drive for hi-def video, even though that might not sound enticing on the 11.1-inch display.  Laptop Mag reviewed the top-of-the-line model of the TT with two SSDs and maximum RAM that stickers for over $4,300 so you have to wonder if they think it’s worth the sticker shock you get when you go to order one:

Ifyou can do without the dual solid state drives and Blu-ray drive, youcan pick up the VAIO TT for a far more reasonable $2,094, althoughyou’ll have to settle for a slower 1.2-GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. Ifyou’re shrugging off the recession, and you want to be able to bragthat you own an ultraportable with Blu-ray capabilities and one of thelargest SSD capacities available, the Sony Vaio VGN-TT198UBX will satisfy. It offers butter-smooth performance and lotsof endurance. In general, though, we prefer the Sony VAIO Z series,because it’s only about half a pound heavier while offering discretegraphics and a larger screen and keyboard.



I’ve had one for about a week now. It’s small, fast, very fast, and light. I was concerned about power with the 1.4 processor and graphics but faster front end bus speed, 4gb, the new intel graphics, the raid 64gb solid state drives really perform. I was considering turning off Aero to speed thing up, but it’s not remotely necessary.

It’s a gem.


it is very expensive but for a person who travels alot, size and weight is in full consideration. plus it has a solid state drive, which withstand road and air turbulant vibration, we should be thankful to Sony for thinking this kind of feature, plus it has a long awaited rewritable Blue Ray drive, to store bigger size of data. I am sure I am not the only person dream to own this machine, but many will buy. The price tag of $4,400 is not expensive at all because it has no competition right at this time. I will buy one immediately.

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