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Vid Picks: Ron Paul Says “I Told You So”

Say what you will about the current economic crisis, but peoples’ interest in understanding exactly why financial institutions are crumbling is giving lesser-known political figures their brief moments in the spotlight, which in turn has resulted in many, many C-SPAN clips garnering view rates on par with adorable cat videos. For one thing, after a long and depressing year, supporters of Rep. Ron Paul have been enjoying the rare opportunity to gloat — because it turns out that their man called the economic collapse a year ago.

And now that he can say, “I told you so,” the web has been dense with Paul’s criticism of the government’s handling of this crisis, as seen in this clip of him talking back to Chairman Bernanke. Give credit where credit is due (no pun intended), the congressman knows his stuff, and isn’t afraid to to go against his party on the subject.

And then there’s feisty Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat from Ohio, whose dynamic speech against the bailout frames the political machinations at work as a highly complex game show where no one wins.

As we approach the final weeks of the campaign, it’ll be Obama and McCain, all the time. But in the interim, it’s been nice to hear some different voices on this subject.

5 Responses to “Vid Picks: Ron Paul Says “I Told You So””

  1. Why would a government that is deciding to get involved with private industry allow JP Morgan Chase to buy $400 billion worth of good Washington Mutual Assets for less than $2 billion while the same people are coming begging for $700 billion and threatening us with disaster if we don’t give it to them?

    It seems that there might be more to this.

    A free market will never heal its self as long as the government continues to intervene. However, Congress and the Senate mandated that loans be made by the banks in rural, ethnic, and under served areas. Like it or not, the Federal government, by being involved in something it is not supposed to be, has made its Citizens liable for part of the reparations. It doesn’t matter that the banks got more than a little too carried away and acted irresponsibly. Taxpayers are on the hook.

    We now have to be part of the solution, but the solution should be developed from the point of view of the taxpayers that the government is supposed to protect. Maybe the solution is to let the banks go under, take this opportunity to disband the Fed, start printing Treasury notes, and tell the banks that it’s in their best interest like they are telling us the bailout is in our best interest.

    Make sure that you hold your Congress members, Senators, and President responsible this election.

  2. We finished the primaries with 1.2 million votes. The Revolution: A manifesto was realeased as a #1 best-seller. We had an enornous march on washington this summer and a 15,000 in attendance “Rally for the Republic”. The Campaign for Liberty ( is now online.

    What makes you think we had a “long and depressing year”?

    This has been a great year for the Liberty Movement in America. If the sheeple get butchered by a collusion of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the Treasurery…well, then, we told you so!

    Goodbye American Dream! Hello roadkill for breakfast. Thanks for selling us out Congress. (Shoulda listened to Ron Paul.)

  3. Still, Congress will not listen to Ron Paul..I don’t get it..Why NOT?

    WE, the majority of the people do not want a wall street bail out. Washington does not listen. Why Not?

    What is going on here?