T-Mobile G1 out in four weeks, manual available now


G1android_2So plunked down $179 or more for a T-Mobile G1 handset but you’ve got to wait, wait, wait until October 22nd for your “preciouss-s-s” to arrive. What’s a geeky Android fan to do? Well, it won’t take you four weeks to read though, but you can get yourself familiar through the G1 PDF user manual that’s making an on-line appearance.It’s an electronic version of that little bunch of papers you normally toss aside when getting a new device. Don’t lie: you do it, I do it, we all do it. Today’s the day to make a change and take a stand for the oft-overlooked and usually under-appreciated user manual. Seriously, how else would you know that the Specific Absorption Rate of RF signals is 1.11 W/Kg @1g when holding the G1 to your head?(via AndroidGuys)


Kevin Hughes

ugh, that media player really is fugly! Still, I can’t wait for that custom distros for this.. enlightenment anyone? ;)


I hate to say it, but I’m considering leaving Verizon for this phone. I’m in an area where there is strong T-mobile signal strength which negates Verizons main selling point. Cost is a factor for me too, and I pay quite a chunk of change to Verizon every month, even with my 19% discount.

Gavin Miller

“Specific Absorption Rate of RF signals is 1.11 W/Kg @1g when holding the G1 to your head?”

I believe that’s measured at 3 Narks above a baseline of 13 Thrumbles.

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