ShoZu adds uploads to mobile phones

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ShozuBack when I was in my “web-only challenge”, I looked at several online photo editors, one of which was Adobe’s Photoshop Express, part of the family. It’s not bad for the basics and it just got better for mobile phones, especially for devices that have a high-quality camera. ShoZu now supports directly uploads from your handheld to Photo transfers can be at full-quality and include titles and descriptions if you enter them in the free application. ShoZu says that over 350 handsets are supported, including Apple’s iPhone (and Touch, even though it’s not a phone), devices from Motorola, RIM BlackBerry and Nokia.Windows Mobile phone owners might want to note that offers their own beta app to get your photos online for editing, sharing and viewing.

1 Comment


Great tip! I didn’t know Adobe made a WinMo client. I’ve been using PocketArtist 3.0, which is excellent, but not free.

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