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Scriblink Makes Collaborative Scribbling Easy

Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard-1I’m still looking for work uses for collaborative scribbling aka drawing whiteboards. I reviewed Bookgoo, but truth be told, haven’t found a use for it. But I’m trying to keep an open mind.

That’s why I took a look recently at Scriblink, another free collaboration tool.

For a fee, businesses can take their Scriblink board, customize its appearance, then embed code into their company site to launch their branded whiteboard. The board is still hosted on Scriblink so the URL for the custom Scriblink whiteboard is Scriblink puts a tiny “powered by Scriblink” at the bottom of the board.

Scriblink - Your Online WhiteboardScriblink is much less buggy than Bookgoo. The company says they accomplish this by working to master one thing. They want to avoid feature creep. You can upload an image or photo to mark up or you can type, draw lines and shapes, erase and change colors easily. You have to make sure your browser allows pop-up windows for some of the site’s features.

One thing Scriblink doesn’t allow you to do is to save your whiteboard directly to your hard drive. You can either email a link to it to yourself, to others or take a screenshot if you really need an image file of your whiteboard.

One group who is embracing Scriblink are online tutors. Scriblink incorporates an equation editor by that embeds equations into the whiteboard and online math tutors are providing feedback on additional features they’d like to see.

Scriblink also gives easy access to in-screen chat, VOIP conferencing provided through a third-party provider and phone conferencing provided by

Prices for Scriblink’s Business Solutions range from a Silver level at $9 per month to Platinum at $29 per month.

And after all of this, I’m still trying to find ways to use a whiteboard for my own business.

Do you use Scriblink or another collaborative whiteboard like it? How do you use it?

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