Magnetic Air Cars Seeks Funds For Air-Powered Car

In the sea of green home building startups showing off sustainable materials at the West Coast Green show, it was hard to miss the booth of engineers in the corner touting a car powered by compressed air. The company called Magnetic Air Cars Inc says it is working on a prototype car that will not use any gas, fuel, or external recharging device, only air to propel the vehicle. They say they plan to have the Air Car ready by 2010 “or sooner.”

Magnetic Air Car’s exec in charge of business development, Stephen Harr, explained to us that the car will use a “Silicon Energy Storage Battery.” The company’s materials say the battery is made up of an electrolyte of silicon and uses chemosynthesis to deliver a more environmentally friendly, high-capacity, quick-charging, 10-year-life battery. We’ll keep looking for more info on how, exactly, it works.

Indian car company Tata Motors is working on its MDI air-powered car, and we asked the team what were the differences between the two technologies. They explained that while the MDI uses pistons, the Magnetic Air Car will be using a form of “magnetic technology.” The execs also told us that they are looking to raise a bridge round of financing over the next few months before more substantial funding comes in. Interested parties can contact the company via their web site.