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Magnetic Air Cars Seeks Funds For Air-Powered Car

In the sea of green home building startups showing off sustainable materials at the West Coast Green show, it was hard to miss the booth of engineers in the corner touting a car powered by compressed air. The company called Magnetic Air Cars Inc says it is working on a prototype car that will not use any gas, fuel, or external recharging device, only air to propel the vehicle. They say they plan to have the Air Car ready by 2010 “or sooner.”

Magnetic Air Car’s exec in charge of business development, Stephen Harr, explained to us that the car will use a “Silicon Energy Storage Battery.” The company’s materials say the battery is made up of an electrolyte of silicon and uses chemosynthesis to deliver a more environmentally friendly, high-capacity, quick-charging, 10-year-life battery. We’ll keep looking for more info on how, exactly, it works.

Indian car company Tata Motors is working on its MDI air-powered car, and we asked the team what were the differences between the two technologies. They explained that while the MDI uses pistons, the Magnetic Air Car will be using a form of “magnetic technology.” The execs also told us that they are looking to raise a bridge round of financing over the next few months before more substantial funding comes in. Interested parties can contact the company via their web site.

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  1. Thomas Foley

    You are right I retract my statements as they are in accurate as of now. All previous charges have been dropped against him and his company. My apologies, it seems that the state has admitted its wrong in his convictions.
    Steve Leonard is an honorable man with great foresight in business and technology developement.

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  3. Twin Brothers

    We all sat down and had a talk so we know whats going on, nobody is infringing off us. Mac has its own unique method of magnetic motor and air cycle machine.

    So the comments we posted no longer apply (extinct).

    Twin Brothers said on October 20th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

  4. Mr. Foley.. I would sure get my facts straight before i start slamming about an article you only half read.
    Take a good hard look at what the article is trying to project to the reader and you will understand their point that is well taken and understood of what really goes on in this competive world out there of greed coruption payola buyouts with no known limits…..
    been there done that…their points well taken, im sure he is a real trooper as there is a price to pay for everything,whats the lesson to he learned here ? his people were not as crediable as himself in is process

  5. I actually went to their meetings in san jose. The owner or inventor of the idea is Steve Leonard, formally known as steve Ristou I think thats how you spell his last name. He was just released last year from prison for running a similar scam. He claimed great technology and was always just about to come out with it but something always came up. He collected millions and then went to jail. He came out changed his name, came up with a star trek like idea that is impossible to actually do. Now hes asking for your money.
    Look up Packet Switch in san jose and you will find that Steve R is a sham

  6. now this is pretty interesting while others experimented on hydro cars.. well this is way better than hydrogen though using air to move the car, but I see some flaws like after it absorbs air what will it discharge? what will the air become after use? it might harm our nature even more when emmiting carbon dioxide or something bad, and magnetic device… won’t that be way much expensive than a piston…

  7. I bet i’m not the only one who would love to know what the “magnetic technology ” is and how its used. Wow were really going scifi with some of this development these days, great article thanks.

  8. Twin Brothers

    rk1200 you are correct.

    Please ignore anything you hear from MAC. We are the true inventors of the system they are claiming. A magnetic motor is also not needed its a wasteful step. Are patent for this system was submitted in 2006, and will soon be issued. If MAC proceeds to develop our technology they will be heading for a lawsuit. You cannot double patent an idea. Try patenting a fast food drive through, good luck.

    Ask MAC where are their tests and prototype. They have none. Here is a link of our prototype air bearing turbocharger.

    Some may be wondering why and air bearing? The answer is simple friction is your worst enemy it can rob 4 times the needed power to run a turbocharger at steady state.

    Through our technology we will be able to reduce the heat of air compression by a factor of 3-5 without water injection or intercooling. What this means is less energy to produce compressed air as compared to an adiabatic process.

    Once again here is the proof we have a built prototype they dont. Our objective is to increase the compression ratio of todays engines from standard 9:1 to 70:1 on 87-octane fuel. This will be accomplished by a two stage impeller producing 25 lbs/min at 7.8 pressure ratio and a discharge increase of about 50 F from any start inlet temp. This is the reason why they want our technology Click the link below for our air bearing unit.

    This model ran into errors as it flexed too much to withstand the axial constraint bearing under high speed thrust bends it. We will be updating our model shortly, and again ignore anything you hear from MAC. They are pure pirates.