MOD Systems Gets $35 Million From Toshiba And NCR For Content Download Kiosks


Toshiba makes portable memory cards and NCR makes kiosks, so it stands to reason that the two would love to see the tenuous idea of content kiosks take off… Hence the pair have invested a total of $35 million in MOD Systems, which makes a content management platform for such kiosks. The company’s kiosk system would allow users to grab content via SD cards or portable devices, like mobile phones. This concept hasn’t exactly taken off in the marketplace, though there are a smattering of companies (usually ones with something to lose if all media goes over the internet) pulling for this model. *Blockbuster* has been a booster of the notion, as have various companies pushing DVDs-on-demand. This announcement notes that Toshiba will also develop set top boxes that work with the system. Prior to this, Toshiba had already made a $4 million investment in the company. Release.


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Could be useful for demo's or site tours. for example when you visit an historical land mark, instead of hiring one of those talking phones, you down load the tour to your mobile phone.

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With all the Other technologies around now, I can't see this taking off. People are going to use mail order services or DVD on demand though the internet.

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I see no reason why somebody would want to go somewhere to rent a movie when he can download it from his computer. And DVD burning-on-demand is another idea that I do not think will have a blast for the same reason.

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