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Glam Media Readies Male Version; Tries 7 Percent Solution, Cutting Workforce By 14 Jobs

imageGlam Media, the women’s fashion and entertainment ad net, has had a lot of activity lately. It’s now prepping a men’s channel and ad net with the working title CodeBlue, Venturebeat reports. The content will be comprised of in-house posts and videos in addition to bringing material from outside. The channel is being readied for a November launch under a different name — CodeBlue. NBC/*News Corp.’s* Hulu, *Sony* Music and MTV are rumored to be signed up as content partners and Glam is said to be talking with other media companies as well. Venturebeat is uncertain as to whether Glam will own CodeBlue completely or if this is to be part of a joint venture.

This comes as Glam is cutting 14 jobs, or 7 percent of its 200-person workforce. While Valleywag attributed the cuts to over-spending and the ad slowdown, Glam CEO Samir Arora said that the cuts were part of a routine review of its operations heading into Q4. Arora added that the layoff numbers were in line with what the company did last year around this time. Venturebeat also cites an unidentified source who says that the cuts are also being done to get EBITDA profitability in its

One Response to “Glam Media Readies Male Version; Tries 7 Percent Solution, Cutting Workforce By 14 Jobs”

  1. Sounds like rough times ahead are even affecting market leaders/makers like Glam Media.

    Seems to me that the best companies make the tough calls like salary cuts and morph with the conditions around them. Of course their business attracts a lot of opinion — all visionaries do, as history has shown.

    Will be interesting to us all to see how the other players respond and (most importantly) how nimble they are in getting ahead of the curve.